Truffle Hunting

Follow real Truffle Hunters

Discover the Private Truffle Wood of the owners of Residenza Villa Domenica

Follow the dogs and learn about this ancient hunting

Outdoor exploration is always an exiciting way to discover a new world.
Hunting truffles can be even more inspiring.
Learn from the real Tuscan truffle hunters what this art is about
and how they train their dogs to look for this precious fruit of the soil.

Truffles, an underground fungus, are very difficult to find so follow expert hunters
and their attentive dogs to the discovery of this hidden treasure.

Just ask the owners of Residenza Villa Domenica for an inspiring walk in their private truffe wood.
Just this way you’ll see the techniques and secrets of the search,
in the company of man’s best friend: the dog.

Discover our Dogs and the Tartufaia

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